Infrastructure As Code

For us, Infrastructure As Code isn’t just a catchy buzzword; it’s an attitude. We supply custom code solutions to harmonize your environment and provide for a repeatable process and a reliable environment. We offer:


  • Lambda development
  • Webhooks
  • Application development
  • Scripts in almost any language, including Rust

Infrastructure As Code:

  • Cloud formation
  • Terraform
  • CDK


  • ECS
  • Kubernetes
  • Virtual machines and good ol' fashion metal

Consulting services:

  • Problem-solving and mitigation cross-topic, including blockchain and ledger management


  • We can train your team on best practices in CI/CD, source control and version management, and basic development security


Securing your infrastructure from internal & external threats

  • Network topology analysisVLANs, NACLs
  • Firewall setup and configuration
  • IAM and User management
  • Basic user domain setup
  • Threat detection
  • Auditing and compliance